Emotional Intelligence Training

What do you think Emotional Intelligence means?

Can we really be intelligent in emotions?

Where do you see emotions in play in your life?

Do you feel you always end up making the same choices in life?

Do you say or do things that you later regret?

Do you have mixed feelings about a certain matter or person and cannot seem to make up your mind about it?

Do you carry a heavy emotional baggage from past experiences, and wish to get the weight off of your shoulders?

Do you feel you need more empathy from your boss or work colleagues?

Do you feel you’re in the right job?

All learning has an emotional base–Plato

Our emotions are at the heart of every action we do, and every choice that we make. Every piece of knowledge we have in our memory is linked to an emotion (be it happy, bad or sad). Have you thought that maybe the reason behind you liking a particular song is because of the memory this song is attached to? Have you ever enjoyed some teacher’s classes so much that the topic has remained your favorite forever?

Our emotional brain is about 80,000 times faster than our rational brain. This explains why we do things, which we later regret or feel surprised that we did them in the first place.

At Wisdom Within, we combine the powerful skills of Life Coaching with Emotional Intelligence training, which can help our clients identify key troubling areas in life or at work, and find ways to overcome them.

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