Interview with Professional Life Coach, Ms. Razan Kilani

Interview With Professional Life Coach Razan Kilani

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We met this week with Life Coach, Ms. Razan Kilani. Tremendous wisdom, knowledge and enthusiasm are beautifully combined and narrated with her unique “easy-yet-sophisticated” style. Coach Razan- as known by her coachees – has helped many individuals (aged 10-65 years) to overcome their problems and limitations to achieving happiness in their lives. Her work has covered diverse topics, such as Emotional Divorce, motherhood, raising children, constructive communication, anger, marital problems, low self-confidence and self-esteem, positive thinking, starting over after ordeals optimistically and persevering successfully, and enhancing your sense of satisfaction in life, regardless of available circumstances. She has published articles about Life Coaching and some of its challenges.

Coach Razan received her Masters’ degree in Cultural and Media Studies in the United Kingdom, then she worked in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations. Following that, she began her fulfilling journey by becoming a Certified Emotional Intelligence (EI) Trainer by Six Seconds (US), and offering EI trainings for individuals and companies. Later, she completed her professional training and became a fully Certified Life Coach, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She has long been a thorough researcher in the fields of Positive Thinking, as well as Emotional and Spiritual intelligence. Coach Razan has offered individual and group coaching workshops for women from different societal backgrounds, as well as teenagers.


Coach Razan has specifically chosen mothers as the target of her trainings, as she believes that the mother is the light of every home, like the sun, around which everyone in the family revolved. If the mother feels happy, strong and stable, tranquility prevails in the house, as well as emotional stability and compassion, amongst all family members. However, if the mother feels unhappy or insecure, this gets reflected on the rest of the family, who may end up suffering from anxiety, anger, confusion and constant screaming.
Coach Razan says that there are two mottos that inspire her in life; one is a Chinese proverb that says: “Instead of cursing the darkness, light one candle”. The other one says: “What does it take for Evil to spread in the world, for good people to do nothing.” Coach Razan explains that as a result of the socio-cultural heritage, ‘good’ people have been stereotypically portrayed as ‘weak’. Additionally, we often see good people who feel they do not belong to a wrongful society. Therefore, they do not see any significance to their role in life, and in achieving the balance between Good and Evil, justice and injustice, production and consumption in the world. They generally feel isolated and suffer from a poor will power. However, this is what seems to envelope the kind of civil societies we live in nowadays, where a person feels cut off from the rest of the world, and his main window onto it is his phone, computer, or TV.

Especially in cities, where electric machines save time and effort on their users, we find that a lot of people lack patience to fulfill their desires (eating, shopping, prolonged relaxation (laziness), love, ego and showing off). Due to their lack of internal motivation, they generally tend to wait for circumstances to change by themselves that would culminate in the arrival of some sort of Savior that will put an end to their woes (chaos, boredom and obesity), and grant them support that will enable them to achieve their long-awaited goals in life (feel satisfaction and happiness). Happiness does not happen by itself. Rather, we attain it upon challenging the obstacles in the way to fulfilling our dreams. This also applies to losing excessive weight, overcoming divorce, ending laziness, and filling our emotional and spiritual emptiness, etc.

Coach Razan hopes to inspire as many individuals as possible to effectively fulfill their roles in life, and to be kind to one another, which in turn shall dissolve their self-love into the love of giving, perfecting their duties, and pursuing mastery in everything they do. This includes the different aspects in their lives: Marital relationships, work, continuous learning, parenting and establishing good rapport with their fellow community members.


Coach Razan says: If every person lights his own internal candle, he will in turn inspire everyone around him to light their own inner candles. This way, we can gradually create a society that is more enlightened and less dark. God has created every one of us unique and different from the others, and so each one of us has his or her distinct purpose to fulfill in life.

To contact Ms. Razan Al-Kilani:razan-kilani

Facebook: Wisdom Within Consultancy,


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