The Physical Interpretation of The Emotional Self-Abuse

We think that talking to ourselves translates into nothing, right?

We often criticize ourselves (too fat, too shabby, too short, too old, too late, etc.) Do we not think there’s a physical interpretation for the negative thoughts we are sending to our brains?

Science has proven that emotions are nervous messages that have a chemical equivalent, and that we can be experiencing hundreds of emotions at the same time. In a physical sense, hundreds of chemical substances are triggered into our blood stream upon experiencing different emotions. If you can imagine each trigger as an injection, then maybe you can imagine that there are hundreds of injections shooting our bodies at the same time different chemicals. Does it seem clearer to you how our thoughts and feelings affect us physically?

It is estimated that it takes around 20 minutes for the chemical effect of those nervous message to dissolve in our bodies. So if one really aims to disconnect from an emotional hijack one may be experiencing at any particular time, one has to stop the causing factor or stimulant of the emotional state one is experiencing. This can happen by leaving the current place you are in, taking a break or getting in the car to listen to some music.

It has been proven that each cell in our bodies contains emotion receptors, and that the shape of the chemical message of each feeling is distinct, and so is its matching receptor. In other words, each emotion has a receptor on our cells. Naturally, cells live, reproduce then die. Therefore, the most active receptors on those cells also get reproduced in new cells, thus changing the shape of the cell progressively. What this means is that if the emotional receptors on human cells are the most stimulated (due to abuse by self or others, prolonged sadness or anger, etc.), they are bound to be more active in the freshly reproduced cells. This is another scary scientific evidence of how emotions alter our health through their physical effects.

The following clip (taken from the documentary “What The Bleep Do We Know”) shows what happens inside our bodies when our self-talk is negative and abusive.

Be careful how you talk to yourself and what you constantly say to it. Be kind to yourself, you’ll live a better life.


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