When Do You Decide Enough Is Enough?

I’ve been wondering all day what makes one say “Enough is enough”?

When does one draw the line between what’s been going on in the past and what will happen in the future?

Where does the decisions to stop accepting old patterns, conjure up a long-awaited strength, and look for a better alternative, come from?

Does it come from our hearts, minds or souls? Or is it a mixture of all?

I recall in the past that whenever I didn’t listen to my intuition, which was telling me to do or reject doing something, I always ended up regretting it. Therefore, a long time ago, I learned that whenever there was a contradiction between my heart and mind, to always follow my intuition (i.e. heart or hunch).

The mind can be tricked yet it is there to serve a purpose. Most people across history have believed that emotions are there to delude us; that following them leads to misery. Therefore, mind has always been given the preference and the value to be labelled as ‘the decision-maker’ and the ‘manager’ of everything that has been going on in our brains.

Yet, what is science is proving nowadays is that the most authentic resource of our true preferences towards matters comes from our emotions. They are like miraculously individual inner compasses that are not lured or affected by opinions, appearances, benefits, etc. Each person has an inner compass that points in an independent direction that is not ruled by society or one’s mind. It talks to us through the inner hunches we may experience. That is why it is such a waste of resource and chance for authenticity to ignore those hunches, and follow what you think is ‘logical’, just because your mind is telling you so.

Listening to one’s mind is like relying on a traffic controller to shepherd your thoughts through directions it thinks they logically fit into. However, combining both, emotions and mind power, one can harness two key resources that can best lead us toward what we really want and align them with where we truly wish to go.

Our minds may force us to accept ‘realities’ as a given, and they may lead us to seek and follow a path that deep inside we may not want to be moving in. Our emotions never sleep or lie. They’re always there, and they tell us what our honest attitudes are toward things, yet we mostly choose not to listen to them out of fear to lose our way. Society has created this fear, but has it really allowed us to listen to our own intuition about things? Are we aware enough of our values and life purpose, to an extent where we’d prefer to listen to our inner compasses as opposed to just go with the flow or moving on autopilot?

I believe that no matter how much we may repress our inner hunches (intuition, true selves, etc.), they eventually come forward in a form of rebellion against our own brains and lives. This is where we may choose to draw the line between what we thought was good, and what we really want to be doing instead.

So what do you think? When would you draw the line and decide enough is enough?


8 thoughts on “When Do You Decide Enough Is Enough?

      1. You know I guess I feel it in my “gut” long before my mind is even willing to tackle it. Does that make sense, I just get that deep sigh and UGH

      2. Absolutely! Isn’t it amazing how much time we save when we follow our gut feeling in comparison to our mind? Thanks for your valuable comments. They enrich my article.

        Hope you remain a constant follower of my blog.

    1. Hi, I loved the documentary. Thank you so much for suggesting it. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) aligns with the documentary, and has been proving to be way more important than IQ. Emotions are so complex and important in understanding why we act the way we do. Many thanks & Hope you remain an active follower of my blog. 🙂

  1. Amazing article! Loved it! Thanks. I have come to the same conclusion about emotions. I was talking to a Shaman recently and between us we have many techniques to heal and overcome challenges, including those in relationships with other people. I am of the opinion that our emotions are not the ‘enemy’, they are messengers from our subconscious and if we don’t listen to them they will keep trying to get our attention- the same message will be sent over and over like someone trying to get through on the phone even though you don’t pick it up to answer, they keep calling you again and again until you pick it up to listen. Releasing repressed emotions is one way to come back to ourselves, our authentic self and that is all healing is in my opinion, returning to being ourselves and removing anything that isn’t us. My emotions are not always convenient but I trust them now more than ever. I think due to childhood discipline and socialization we are taught that emotions are convenient at some times more than others. There’s a general lack of acceptance. There’s a culture of Poker faced players. Sometimes we need that skill, to hide our thoughts from manipulative people, but it’s unhealthy to hide our emotions from ourselves in the same way. Emotions tell me where my boundaries are, what I am comfortable with right now. It’s useful information. If we only use the mind then it’s like listening to someone’s words and ignoring the tone of voice. The tone of voice communicates the meaning, the words are just the finer points and the details. Anyway, I really enjoyed your article. Thanks

  2. I think the ‘enough is enough’ moment comes when it finally dawns on you that whatever you are doing is futile and the discomfort is never going to change. It depends on how stubborn/tenacious/bloody minded you are as to whether you notice this point sooner rather than later. It’s about putting your energy in the right direction and stopping trying to fill a bucket with water when it has a hole in it. You don’t always know something isn’t gonna work until you try it and sometimes it’s a matter of gathering more information and realizing that your efforts are forced and going against the flow in life. Probably when we have the moment of “right, that’s enough!” our subconscious has already been getting to that point for some time unbeknownst to us. Then it’s waiting for and looking for an ‘excuse’ to pin it to. It’s a done deal before that excuse turns up in your life and you are free then to do what deep down you want to do, including stopping acting out of obligation in a losing situation. Things like that.

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