Abundant Beauty

Pure wisdom, appreciation of beauty and truth.

Living Thoreauly

It’s amazing what kind of enlightenment can strike you at a bar (maybe I should go out more often). I’ve written about beauty before, but it was more so me unraveling my own confidence and exploring the beauty within me. Sitting at the bar in Broad Ripple, Tab and I had prime real-estate seats for people watching. We conversationally made observations of the crowd. I found myself surrounded by gorgeous people, but then I thought about our perspective of what is beautiful. I had written about our country’s tragic outlook on body image. Although, I looked around and saw an immense group of gorgeous people (clean cut and muscle clad), they did not excite me. What about beauty gets me excited? As I’ve mentioned before I love to draw. I’ve especially always been drawn to portraits, finding my niche in the fifth grade when we were assigned to draw them…

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