Contradiction, Propaganda, or Irony of Fate?

I was talking with some friends today who came from different cultural backgrounds. One of them, who came from a ‘third world’ country, was telling us about a conversation he had with a Western guy he worked with. They were both talking about wars, and how the Western world has been invading countries for many years and controlling or confiscating their  resources. So the first guy was wondering what the logic behind doing that. So the Western guy answered: Isn’t it better that our countries invade those other countries, use their resources for the sake of research and development and make better use of it, than to keep them in the hands of their tyrant leaders?

So the guy remained silent after hearing his answer, and said: I was speechless! I couldn’t argue with him!

So we all stayed quiet for a few minutes then one of the group said: How come the Western world has run miles in progress, and came up with huge technologies, yet has been a main part in polluting the environment of the world we live in today?

Another guy replied: That’s true. How come throughout the centuries, other civilizations had come up with remarkable technologies that did not pollute the environment? Are we really more civilized than them? If so, why are we killing more animals on land and in the sea each year because of the polluting ‘mistakes’ we hear about in the news?

I thought to myself: How come we’re so advanced medicinally and personally health aware yet our societies suffer from cancers, heart attack, poisoning, etc.?

The conversation was very interesting. Is it contradiction, propaganda or irony of fate that we live in?

How come people around the globe are more sick than ever, live shorter than ever, and our resources (which have survived centuries) are being depleted worse than ever?

How come our lives are run by time-and-effort-saving technologies yet we suffer from a constant detachment from reality and reasoning? How come we’re constantly distracted and rushing in a hurry to get somewhere or do something? How come our civilizations have human-rights entities yet our troops end up abusing other nations or themselves? How come our needs are more than satisfied yet we are least happy with what we’ve got?

Really, do we live in contradiction, or is it a propaganda that we have learned to live by, or is it simply an irony of fate?

What do you think? 🙂


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