What Makes Us Tick?

What makes you tick? Is it anger, provocation, a rude attitude by someone you never respected, or a repeated mistake?

What makes your heart beat faster? Fear or love?

Is it devotion that you feel every time you remember a loved one (a mother, a partner, a sister, etc)?

Why do we still continue to go about our lives neglecting our simplest yet most significant emotions, thinking that there would always be time to sort them out later?

Why do most of us ignore their emotions altogether? Is it busyness that keeps us from giving value to our emotions or is it something deeper?

Perhaps it is an underlying belief and an almost absolute perspective on a particular subject that leads you to eventually ignore your true feelings towards it?

Are we really the person who is living our life? Or do we constantly envisage another world, through which you see yourself differently from the way we see ourselves?

Are we stuck in a particularly unsatisfying zone? Where do we wish to leave it for?

All these questions make me wonder what is really the end point, at which we stop tolerating the abuse (whether we cause to ourselves or allow others to cause upon us). If we are aware of the answer, then what are we waiting for?

A savior? But who is a better savior for you than yourself?

A savior is a perspective in the mind, which leads us to refuse a wrong situation we are in, and choose one that allows us to flourish and prosper. If we couple positive perspective with productive action then we’re bound to get to where we really wanna be. Only there, no one and nothing can make us tick, for we won’t be feeling on the edge anymore, and the peace we feel then can spread around contagiously inspiring other success stories with the people we share our success with.

What do you think?


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