What Is Awareness?

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We may mistake awareness for being aware of what others have that we don’t, what they do that we do or don’t, or what their lives are like in comparison with ours. Being awareness is not being aware of things ‘outside’ ourselves. Such line of thinking serves to only compare who we are and what we have to standards that are or aren’t met by others. It is like a defensive mechanism, through which we define our understanding of ourselves and our lives from potential losses, threats, failures, or disappointments. So for example, if we are defining our being as someone who has a nice car, great career, wonderful relationship, fun parties, and so on, this is the way we are going to compare ourselves to others who are and have these elements in their lives. These elements – through such definition – become labelled as ‘Happiness-Generating Factors. The problem with this understanding is that it is set outward, and promises to always look outside of ourselves to seek happiness.  Therefore, it is like dedicating our lives, time, energy and soul, to walk a long mile that is never-ending in the desert, in promise of a sip of water.

Becoming aware is such a crucial internal process, through which we live our lives and go about choosing our actions. Being aware is understanding the patterns that interpret our connection to the world around us, as well as ourselves (our feelings, beliefs, values, spirit, and body). Total awareness in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is achieved through self-actualization, the highest level in the hierarchy.

Developing self-awareness is increasing your knowledge of yourself; i.e. forming an understanding of your identify within the world around you. Awareness can be stretched in diverse dimensions. The spiritual dimension is one of them, whereby one connects with their higher self, and feel their connectedness to the universe.
On the bodily level, there is awareness of the physical manifestations of the body, thoughts and feelings. Trying to engage your Self helps you check in regularly on it, which will serve in making you a happier person.

Listening to your Self, body, thoughts, feelings and actions, will help you understand who you are, what you really want in every situation (what choice you want to make), where you want to go, and how you want to be remembered after you pass away.

Awareness is a time and effort-saver that – once ignited – sets you on a voluntary journey toward inner peace and happiness with a no-going-back policy.

Three ways to increase your self awareness on the physical, emotional and spiritual sides:

– Keep checking in with yourself every time you exhibit certain signs of upset, stress, anxiety.

– Get in the habit of celebrating positive emotions and thoughts when they come up.

– Meditate/pray or listen to music while contemplating a positive matter.

Life is so beautiful. It’s about time we took off our sunglasses and saw it for what it really is.



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