Confusion Nation

Our lives these days have been characterized by one grey cloud that has been enveloping us, leading us to feel confused towards almost everything around us (e.g. whether to go for a Big Mac meal while starving, whether to continue chewing aspartame-filled gum is bad for health, whether to take an action toward someone/something that is causing us emotional upset, whether to feel good toward how well we did at a presentation at an important event, whether to stop ourselves from wondering if someone is interested in us, whether to go for the second drink, etc. We are so confused even though we live today in a world of scientific certainty towards almost everything we know. We have enough truth and mass media in this day and age, yet we still grow more and more in confusion each day.

Is it human nature to keep wondering and feeling insecure or is there something really fishy about what we see and hear each day?

In this light, I would like to share with you an interesting clip by Tony Robbins on how to achieve a free mind, resolve your confusions, and ultimately feel fulfilled.

Free your mind, make sound choices about everything, including your thoughts and emotions, and grow further and further in spirituality.



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