A Wounded Soul

By R. Kilani

I sat down in a chair at a salon parlor,

A woman, next to me, swamped with clamor,

With her cell phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other,

She spewed some nasty words.. Oh brother!


What an angry woman, but little did I know,

That soon she started to seem like a foe,

Her cigarette ash heavily landing on my lap,

All I could think of was to give her a slap.


Shrugging her shoulders with eyes open wide,

I knew the voice provoking her on the other side,

Was belittling her feelings and enjoying the ride,

And she was only one more soul it victimized.


I wanted to interrupt but realized it wasn’t the way to go,

As she hung up and her tears started to flow,

She knelt on the floor as weak as can be,

Her heart obviously broken and her eyes could barely see,

That there was so much to life than abuse,

Which every victim, woman or a child deserved to refuse.


I introduced myself and offered my help as a coach,

And wanted to feel I’m someone she can approach,

She took my card and promised to call,

She said: “I only wanted happiness, that’s all!”

But unless she was internally happy, who could please her soul?

“No man, money, house, car or store,

Can bring back to me a dignity that he stole!”


I said to her there was more to life than that,

She looked at me like she’d been clubbed with a bat.

“Give it time”, I said, and “we’ll work it out together”,

“Unless you choose to let go, you’ll be miserable forever”,

“But if you move on, you set yourself free and feel better”.


“I’ll do whatever it takes to get out of this”, she said,

“For the pain inside every night haunts me in bed”.


So we got in touch and watched our partnership grow,

With each phase marking a significant goal,

A dishonorable man, with whom she long obsessed,

Became a dead history she conquered with success,

A light in her life continued to shine,

Where everything, previously destroyed, later seemed fine.


Copyright 2012 Wisdom Within Consultancy. All Rights Reserved for Wisdom Within Consultancy and Wisdom Within Coaching.


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