Is Your Teen A Textaholic? by Love & Logic

Is Your Teen A Textaholic?
Weekly Tip from the Love and Logic® Experts

Dear Razan,
How many text messages is your teen sending and receiving per day? According to the Nielsen Company, the answer is about 80. Yep! Eighty text messages in one day…not in a year…but just one day! It makes my brain…and thumbs…and wallet hurt just thinking about it. To make matters even scarier, a study by AAA reported that 46% of teens admit texting while driving. Ouch!
Maybe these studies are flawed, causing these numbers to be inaccurately elevated. Anything’s possible. Let’s say that teens only send and receive 40 texts per day…and that only 23% of them admit texting while driving. Yikes, that’s still high!
Data like this tempts me to do some pretty ineffective things with my kids. These include quitting my job so that I can follow them around all of the time, using duct tape to restrain their thumbs and fingers, moving the family to a cell-phone-free zone within the Arctic Circle, yelling, screaming, etc.
Particularly with teens, all we really have control over is:
  • How we act around them
  • What we provide for them
Rather moving to an igloo, it’s far wiser to model responsible cell phone use and to set firm limits over who pays for the phone. This might sound like, “Honey, you may have a phone when you can pay for it. If it will help any, you can just tell your friends that your parents are so old fashioned that they think that talking face to face with your friends is better than texting. And…by the way…we love you and would miss you if you died while texting behind the wheel.”
For more tips on navigating teenage trials, get your hands on our CD, Hormones & Wheels. If it doesn’t completely change your life, return it for a full refund.
Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible. If this is a benefit, forward it to a friend.
Dr. Charles Fay
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